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1. By agreeing to participate in LovingCash Affiliate Program, you are agreeing to place banners, text or other creative materials on one of your sites, or to utilize it in email promotion. We will terminate your account immediately if there is any form of spamming or if you discredit any parties through false advertising. You shall not make any claims, representations, or warranties in connection with us or participating merchants.
2. LovingCash tracking system will be the only method to track your customers' purchase and to supply reports to you on all of their activity. We will pay you commissions for all legitimate customers after they signup with a participating merchant.
3. You will earn commissions in the following way:
•  Up to 55% of the Weekly Net Revenue (WNR) of members you referred to our sponsoring programs calculated according to the percentages reflected in the table below. WNR = member's purchases for a week less revokes, refunds and chargebacks for the same period (all transactions will be reflected in the statistical reports at your LovingCash account in real time mode.)
NOTE: System fees will not be substracted from WNR.
Commission Levels Weekly Net Revenue
50%< 35 signups
55%> 35 signups
•  5% of WNR of members reffered by webmasters you introduced to LovingCash Affiliate Program.
4. Only purchases made by member will be eligible for payment. We retain the right to pass on any financial costs to your account that we may incur due to fraudulent activity actioned by members that you get to signup at our sponsoring programs.
5. No affiliate can profit from an account generated by themselves or by a relation of any kind to the affiliate member. If an affiliate is caught profiting from an account generated by themselves they will forfeit any earnings they have made and their account will be terminated.
6. We retain the right to change the fee schedule and method of calculation of fees.
7. We will pay your commissions every 2 weeks on Fridays. The methods of payments will be: wire transfer - minimum payment of $100. All payments will be made in United States Dollars.
8. We may alter any of the terms and conditions contained in this agreement at any time, by posting them on our website.